Here are few gems that I ran into this week. If you find a great article, post, website or photo, please share: All You Need is Love

Mitch Joel's post about the movie, All Together Now, is a heartfelt look at how we as business people can get more out of our careers by tapping into our love and passions.

40 Belief Shaking Remarks from a Ruthless Non Conformist

I totally ran into this blog by accident and instantly fell in love with it. This post is amazing and the site if one that I instantly subscribed to.

Sony "Eye Candy"

Stunning visuals! You've got to check out this video. The "making of" video is even more fascinating.

11 Smart Tips for Brilliant Writing

The ability to write well is much like having great presentation skills - these are invaluable skill sets that every business person should focus a great deal of time on. This post will help you hone your writing skills.

iPad Fevor

Here's a great look at why the iPad is an important device to understand.

What Goes into Redrawing?

Social media entrepreneur and consultant, Chris Brogan describes his highly effective approach to defining his life goals and boundaries.

AuthorJason Sokol