I like to take time out every Saturday to share some of the best marketing posts and articles that I have in the past week. To find past gems, please search for me on Twitter (@jwsokol) or look for these tags: #weeklymarketinggems and #weeklyreview. If you have suggestions for posts that should be featured here, please let me know (@jwsokol). I am always looking for great ideas and people who are finding ways to think about marketing in new ways.


Weekly Marketing Gems

I was shooting for 12 great posts this week and I found them. 12. Let’s call them this week’s dirty dozen; the bloggers and authors who are working their butts of to make a difference and are creating content that should be recognized. They are the unsung linemen (and women) of the blogosphere.

Take a look at these great posts:

4 Myths About Social Media Marketing - This is an interesting post by Britt Brouse. Britt talks about four important reasons why you should stop procrastinating about getting involved in social media. Read it and do something.

What Conversations Are YOU Starting? - Suzanne Vara strikes again! Here’s another great post from Suzanne. This time around she digs into the essence of social media - developing deep, meaningful conversations. Don’t pass this one up. It is essential reading.

Having Big Goals and Stating Them Proudly - I have been a huge fan of the team at 37signals for some time now. Even before they released the amazing book, Rework, they have been pushing the boundaries, creating amazing content, and delivering some of the most innovative products around. This post by Anthony Barone is not exception.

Meaningful Marketing Start Ups: Outbrain - It has been a while since I mentioned one of my favorite marketers and authors, Bob Gilbreath. Bob’s amazing book, The Next Evolution of Marketing, completely changed my views of marketing. This post is the second in a series of posts about great startups that are using their marketing to make a difference.

Rethinking Stuff - I think you will love this article. Eric Karjaluoto talks about the challenges that come with trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle and the difficulties of breaking the patterns that are inherent in a “consumerism”-filled world.

The Gap Logo Debacle: A Half-Brained Mistake - Who would have believed that a simple logo redesign could have provoked such a debate? In this great post, Umair Haque takes a look at what happened to the Gap and discusses an even deeper issue, the lack of emphasis that goes into design by so many companies.

How to Make Content More Engaging - C.B. Whittemore shares a few simple points that can help you create blog content that is more meaningful and engaging.

Social Media Is Not A New Conversation - Suzanne Vera made it twice onto this list. It is not a mistake. She simply has produced some of the best damn content out there this week. In this post, she talks about a killer concept - small businesses that are successful have been creating great conversations with their customers for a long time; for them, social media only provides another way to extend the conversation. Read this article. It is important.

What is Holding You Back? - Karl Staib shares his thoughts on what might be holding you back from being successful. Are you stuck? If so, Karl has some great advice to share.

The Sum Is Greater than All the Parts - Marjorie Clayman is a brilliant and dead honest writer. In this post, she tackles several key issues that those of us in social media often struggle with. Another must read for all you social media types.

Caring About Your Customer Screw-Ups - Scott Stratten is great and I think you will love this post. This time around, he shares his experience with a customer service mistake that turned into a positive experience. There’s a key lesson here - your customer service is absolutely an essential part of your marketing.

I Did My Best...Or Did I? - This is a guest post on Chris Brogan’s new site, My Escape Velocity. In it, Carol Roth talks about the difference that putting that last bit of effort can make on making you successful. I loved this post and her use of of fitness as an analogy for so many other struggles we face in life.

Weekly Marketing Matters Recap

Here’s a recap of this week’s Marketing Matters posts:

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